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Basic Training in Maritime Security
Image Basic Training in Maritime Security

This course is intended for all merchant navy crew members who are assigned specific security-related responsibilities and duties in accordance with the ship's security plan. It is also intended for port facility personnel involved in security duties who do not have the Ship Security and Port Facility certificate.

Requirements: Crew members on board merchant ships who do not hold a Ship Security Officer Certificate are required to have the Basic Ship Security Training Certificate.


The goal, by the end of the course, is to have provided trainees with the necessary training to carry out ship security duties and responsibilities entrusted to them.

Regulations: STCW Code regulation VI/6, Section A-VI/6, Table A-VI/6-2 of the STCW 20Convention 78/95 as amended (Official Resolution of 18 June 2013 Manila Amendments 10)

Order FOM/2296/2002, of 4 September, which regulates the training programmes for the professional qualifications of Able-Bodied Seamen and Engine Ratings of the Merchant Marine, and of Harbour Masters, as well as the specialisation certificates accrediting professional competence.

IMO Model Course 3.26 Security Awareness Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties.

The Jovellanos Centre has been certified by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine to deliver this maritime course since 02/03/2015


Introduction to maritime security. Applicable regulations.

Protective responsibilities (Ship Security Plan).

Threat identification, recognition, and response.

Ship security actions Access control.

Preparing for security emergencies. Practical training and exercises.

Protective equipment.


Based on the regulations mentioned above, the course will take a total of 13 hours to complete. 10 hours of theoretical content and 3 hours of practical training over 2 days to achieve the learning objectives and the required skills.