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Fire fighting
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Emergency management. Level 1. Online mode
Image Emergency management. Level 1. Online mode
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Personnel in positions of command and decision making related to emergency management.

Members of the various services (firefighters, civil protection, security forces, health services, etc.) and/or response groups.

Personnel belonging to emergency response brigades, supervisors and health & safety experts in the industrial field.

Safety managers and the heads of emergency responders in line with the various emergency or self-protection plans.


Know the basic organisational structure in emergencies and define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the organisation. Identify and assess the usual risks in this type of scenario. Execute tasks associated with the assessment, decision making, and control of response teams facing risk situations by applying strategic and tactical work methods to deal with emergencies effectively to increase the probability of saving lives, property and protecting the environment. Prepare and/or effectively execute action plans, organise firefighting and rescue services, improve command skills and be able to lead work teams correctly. Organise and order means and resources effectively with the help of graphic and control tools.


Module 1. “Emergency Management”

Module 2. “Health & Safety”

Module 3. "Command and Control.

Module 4. “Basic Principles on Dangerous Goods”

Practical training:

Evaluation of an emergency situation

Tactical and operational decision making

Practical application

People who have passed the course, Management Functions in Firefighting Response Actions - online mode, will have modules 1, 2 and 3 of the course and the evaluation part of the practical training officially validated.



This course is delivered on the Jovellanos Centre’s virtual platform, which can be accessed from any location, providing a useful and dynamic learning experience, and a completely customised learning process.


The course consists of 14 certified teaching hours delivered over 18 days based on an online method.