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Spanish maritime legislation - Masters and Chief Mates
Image Spanish maritime legislation - Masters and Chief Mates

Masters and Chief Mates issued by other countries signatory to the STCW Convention.


At the end of the course, the student will be able to identify, locate and apply the Spanish maritime legislation properly regarding the responsibilities included in their certificate of competency, as stated in Annex III of the DGMM resolution of 26 January 2023.

Legislation: Resolution of 9 September 2022 of the DGMM (Directorate General of the Merchant Navy), amended by Resolution of 26 January 2023 of the DGMM, by which proficiency tests on Spanish maritime legislation are announced for the year 2023 (Spanish State Gazette (BOE) of 16 February 2023).


Methodology: Online mode through the virtual campus of Centro Jovellanos.


General provisions.

Maritime navigation and traffic management.

Social Marine Institute and social protection of seaferers.

Salvage and maritime accidents.

Legal status of the ship.

The manning of the ship, seafarers' documentation and their duties.

Prevention and combating of pollution.

Police regulations, navigation procedural law and Sanctioning power.

Dispatch and port call of the ship.

Dangerous cargo.

Pilotage service.

Vessel inspection.

Rules concerning public faith and the registration of facts determining the civil status of persons.


The course consists of 16 teaching hours.

The campus will remain open for 21 calendar days.