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Training course for instructors based on the IMO model course 6.09. Online model
This course is designed for persons who hold certificates or professional qualifications in the merchant navy, such as a captain, second mate,...
Emergency management. Level 1. Online mode
Personnel in positions of command and decision making related to emergency management. Members of the various services (firefighters, civil...
Basic Training in Maritime Security
This course is intended for all merchant navy crew members who are assigned specific security-related responsibilities and duties in accordance...
Renewal Of The Vessel Traffic Service Operator Certificate. IALA V-103/5
VTS personnel who need to renew their VTS certificates. Requirement: Hold a current VTS V-103/1 certificate.
Emergency Management for Crew Members on Vessels ussing LNG as Fuel
Crew members of ships fuelled with LNG (non pure LNG tankers) that may be involved in emergencies involving LNG.
Advanced Fire Fighting (Short Refresher Course)
This course is intended for all personnel holding Advanced Fire Fighting Certificate and have been navigating during last 5 years on board merchant...