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Health & safety basic level
Image Health & safety basic level
All workers from any sector who need to acquire basic occupational health & safety skills. 

Learn the basics of occupational health and safety.

Promote safe habits.

Differentiate the various types of health & safety actions.

Encourage the interest and cooperation of workers in health & safety issues.

Analyse and diagnose situations that involve risks.

Apply professional techniques to achieve good health & safety outcomes.

Know and apply techniques for the successful implementation of a health & safety system.

Acquire the skills required to be appointed a health & safety officer.

Legislation: According to the provisions of RD 39/97-Annex IV.

Methodology: The model adopted includes personal study and collaborative work, both framed in a virtual learning environment, which provides the benefits of new technologies applied to the field of training.

The methodology is based on the resolution of practical training cases using multimedia teaching materials in virtual learning environments. The continuous assessment process facilitates the integration and progressive feedback of the learning process, which will consist of a number of proposed activities and solving the situations included in those activities.


The course has been structured into 5 modules, each with its own goals, aimed at ensuring the overall goals are achieved. These goals focus on the trainees, in such a way that they set out the knowledge or skills that must be acquired by the end of each module.


Basic concepts on occupational health & safety.

General risks and their prevention.

Specific risks and their prevention in the field in which the company is active.

Basic health & safety management issues.

First aid.


The course consists of 50 certified hours over a period of 8 weeks and includes a one-week virtual workshop in the campus to handle and become familiar with the available resources.