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Diving in contaminated waters
Image Diving in contaminated waters

Professionals who belong to rescue and firefighting services, Civil Protection, special groups and, in general, any person involved or interested in operations in contaminated waters.

Requirement: provide diving experience by means of a diving log and/or company certificate and, more specifically, experience in the use of dry diving suits.

In order to take full advantage of the course, it is advisable for trainees to have prior knowledge in the use of surface air supply systems.

At least one week prior to the course, trainees shall have provided proof that they have passed a medical examination for underwater or hyperbaric activities.


Prepare rescuers to assess, make decisions, and control underwater intervention teams; applying technical and tactical work methods to deal with an emergency situation in an effective manner.

Provide the necessary know-how to carry out, in a safe and efficient manner, rescue operations involving people and property using underwater rescue techniques, with emphasis on the specific risks involved in diving in contaminated waters, as well as the implementation of any special procedures required.


Safety regulations for diving in contaminated waters. Contaminated waters: types and protection.

Planning, operations, and emergencies.

Decontamination, equipment maintenance. Alternatives to human intervention.

Practical training:

Organising work teams.

Dry suits, masks, helmets, and communications.

Use and effectiveness.

Operating in contaminated waters.

Decontamination and maintenance of equipment

Practical training will take place in the Jovellanos Centre training pool


The course consists of 21 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.