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Helicopter underwater escape training. HUET OPITO STANDARD 5095
Image Helicopter underwater escape training. HUET OPITO STANDARD 5095

The course has been designed for people who need to travel by helicopter to offshore oil and gas facilities. Also, aircraft crew-members and passengers who have to fly over water and that may need to perform an emergency ditching procedure.

Requirement: All trainees taking this course must have the appropriate psychological and physical conditions to complete the training.

Trainees must provide an official medical certificate in force (e.g. certificate of fitness to sail, professional diving certificate, private official medical certificate, company medical certificate).


The purpose of the HUET course is to train people who intend to travel by helicopter to or from offshore oil and gas facilities, providing them with the basic information required before and during the flight, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary in case of an emergency, particularly regarding methods to abandon the helicopter after an emergency ditching.

The course includes a theoretical part, demonstrations by the instructors, and practical exercises that trainees must perform in order to achieve the goals set out.

All the practical exercises will be performed in a safe and controlled environment supervised by qualified instructors.


Safety issues inside a helicopter and when abandoning the aircraft.

Travelling by helicopter.

Helicopter emergencies: in flight, emergency ditching and landing. Evacuation.

Emergency breathing apparatus.

Evacuating a helicopter after an emergency ditching.

Evacuating a helicopter in dry landing situations, underwater or capsized with and without EBA. (Emergency Breathing Apparatus).


The course consists of 6 hours and 40 minutes certified, it´s delivered over a period of 1 day.


OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation) Registry. Valid for 4 years.