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Rescue operations in confined spaces
Image Rescue operations in confined spaces

This course has been designed for people who belong to fire-fighting and rescue services, emergency brigades at industrial facilities, and safety personnel who need to respond to emergencies in confined spaces.

Requirement: basic handling of rescue equipment and the use of autonomous breathing systems.



Identify a confined space and be familiar with the safety rules to be applied to access it, the equipment used, and the members of the emergency team, the obligations of its members, and the operating and prevention methods required during rescue operations in confined spaces to preserve the lives of people.


Introduction to confined spaces. Assessment of the risks involving confined space. Monitoring the air.

Safety regulations, anchoring systems. Personal equipment, materials used during rescue operations. Members of an emergency team. Ventilation.

Safety factors, falls, calculating risks, securing injured parties and the rescuer. Rescue techniques.

Emergency team obligations. Anchoring points. Rescue techniques. Analysis of case studies.

Practical Training:

Knots. Anchor points, securing. Crawling in confined spaces.

Rescue operations in wells, silos, tanks, and structures.

Rescue under reduced visibility conditions.


The course consists of 21 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.