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Fire fighting
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Fire extinguisher training
Image Fire extinguisher training

This course has been designed for members of the first intervention teams of emergency plans and anybody who, for any reason, may be involved in a fire-fighting scenario.


The training is eminently practical. By the end of the course, trainees will be skilled in handling and operating the various types of portable extinguishers and use of fire-hoses reel cabinets effectively. 


The chemistry of fire.

Extinguishing agents.

Extinguishing methods.

Portable extinguishing equipment.

Use of wall-mounted fire hoses.

Practical training: Extinguishing small fires (solid, liquid, electrical, gas) using various types of portable extinguishers.

Extinción de conatos de incendios (sólidos, líquidos, eléctricos, gas) con diferentes tipos de extintores portátiles.

The course consists of 5 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 1 day.