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Fire fighting
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Aircraft rescue fire-fighting (ARFF) training
Image Aircraft rescue fire-fighting (ARFF) training

This course has been designed for airport fire brigades and groups with knowledge and/or responsibilities on airport emergencies and who may be involved in fire-fighting operations on board aircraft.


To know the different types of emergencies that may occur and intervention procedures. To describe the main risks and comply with safety and personal protection requirements. To train students in tasks that require firefighting and rescue operations in airport environments. To demonstrate intervention tactics in firefighting and rescue operations. To conduct specific extinction tasks in an airport environment and in different aircrafts. To understand the principles of command and control in incidents.

After the course, the student acquires the necessary skills to intervene in aircraft fires, caused by fuel spills, engine and landing gear fires, crew cabin fires, passage, cargo holds, airport facilities: buildings, fuel storage facilities, warehouses, etc.


This is an eminently practical course. At the beginning of each day, trainees will attend a classroom where the exercises will be explained, the operation will be organised, and the groups briefed.

The safety procedures during the exercises will be explained.

Practical training: Combating fires outside aircraft. Positioning of vehicles and extinguishing fuel spills in critical area.

Operations with fire engines to control fires in aircraft engines.

Combating fires inside the aircraft. Opening of emergency exits, use of ladders. Exercises in ventilating smoke.

Operations in airport buildings on fire above and under ground level.

Combating fires that affect storage facilities and liquid fuel distribution systems.

Combating fires that affect liquid fuel tankers.

Combating landing gear fires.

Operations involving aircraft accidents in areas where fire engines and emergency vehicles cannot be positioned.

The exercises will be performed in the aircraft emergency area, which is equipped with:

• several models of commercial aircraft simulators, 39 points of fire simulation, engines, turbines, landing gear, fuel spills, and interior fires.

• fire engines VP 5.5 and VP 10.

• light aircraft/helicopter simulator.


The course consists of 35 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 5 days.