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Fire fighting
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Command & control system in industrial plants
Image Command & control system in industrial plants

This course has been designed for professionals who deal with emergencies in industries, who organise, assess, and coordinate the operations during an emergency.


The course provides the necessary knowledge to assess, make decisions, and control emergency teams who have to deal with high-risk situations, by applying technical and tactical strategies to deal with an emergency effectively in order to increase the possibility of saving lives, property, and protecting the environment.


Organising brigades.

Command requirements.

Command and control during operations.

Management cycle.

Command qualities.


Levels of command.

Basic principles governing operations.

Zones to be considered during emergency operations.

Safety and control during operations.

Delegating during emergency situations.

Decision-making procedures.

Elaboration of reports.

Actions when dangerous goods are involved.

Practical training: The exercises are complemented with simulations on models and practical exercises in real scenarios, which will make it possible to implement and develop the theoretical knowledge acquired.


The course consists of 14 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 2 days.