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Fire fighting
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Incidente Command System for Firefighters
Image Incidente Command System for Firefighters

Target Group are professional firefighters who may have a role in the management at any level of command and management of emergencies.


Course goal is to provide at any level of command, the awareness for the analysis, evaluation, decision-making and control of orders within any kind of emergency from the management standpoint, providing the useful tools to optimise the global process.


Leadership qualities. The team leader. The team.

The conflict. The role of the leadership during the management process.

The critical evaluation, the creation of the process and the management.

The creation of Standard Operational Procedures.

The role of the leadership during the management of an emergency.

Different tactics and techniques to carry out during and emergency.

Conceptual and methodological tools. The situational awareness. Command and orders.

The communication structure during the course of an emergency.

The Management of the emergency from the Advanced Control Post (basic Tier).

Graphing tool system for the information management.

Practical training:

Initial exercises that allow to acquire mental work schemes in immediate reactions, by incorporating a model of reflection.

Initial exercises of orders during operations (classroom exercise).

Practical Exercises of Situational Awareness.

Initial exercises of operations in ordinary emergencies of a first response team.

Critical judgment model in operations.

Situational stress exercises in the classroom.

Average exercises to incorporate additional resources and operational control.

Incorporation exercises command relay equal rank and/or higher. Control table simple operations (exercises in single-family housing, industrial warehouse and road tanker).

Complete exercises with full command relay of equal rank and relay at superior command. Graphical tool (exercises in high-rise building, garage and aircraft) Critical judgment exercises after operations and Conceptual tools.


The training course will be held in a period of three days, certifying 21 hours.