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Fire fighting
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Positive pressure ventilation
Image Positive pressure ventilation
This course has been designed for people who belong to fire-fighting services and emergency brigades in industrial facilities.

The course provides teams involved in fire-fighting and emergencies with the basic knowledge of the principles and techniques regarding ventilation that apply to vent toxic gases and fumes, as well as to manage and use the necessary teams to act safely and effectively.

Requirement: Prior knowledge is required on the use of the SCBA equipment.


Introduction Types of ventilation. Practical application of PPV: basic principles.

Structural considerations.

Operational tactics.  Protocol in the offensive use of PPV.

Types of fans. Applying the basic.

Observing interior conditions with/without PPV.

Venting single family homes, industrial premises, blocks of flats, confined spaces on board ships.

Offensive ventilation.


The course consists of 21 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.