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Ship-handling in the Simulator. Level1
Image Ship-handling in the Simulator. Level1

Graduates in Marine and in Nautical and Maritime Transport or students who have completed the third year of any of these studies:

. Higher Technician in Maritime Transport and Deep-sea Fishing.

. Merchant Navy pilots with little sailing experience.


Practise the theoretical knowledge acquired in almost real situations and using real equipment. 


Update on basic ship-handling and navigation concepts, including some new technologies available.

Practical Training:

Familiarisation with the simulator.

Passage Plan.

Communications in the eNavigation era.

Ship-handling with Azi-pods

River navigation.


Using tugboats (escort).


The scenarios and the models used in the simulations have been chosen for their didactic potential, with a view to transferring students to realistic situations that are common in today's seas.


The course consists of 18 certified teaching hours delivered over 3 days.