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Vessel Traffic Service Instructor V-103/4
Image Vessel Traffic Service Instructor V-103/4

This course has been designed for vessel traffic controllers who have the IALA V-103/1 (operator) or IALA V-103/2 (supervisor) certificates.


The course has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to perform the functions assigned to an instructor working at a VTS centre. The instructor will be in charge of on-the-job training (OJT) of future controllers that will be certified at the centre.

Maritime legislation: It strictly follows the IALA V-103/4 course model and the Resolution of the General Direction of the Merchant Marine of 6th July 2011.


Design of a training programme at a VTS centre.

Specific programme for the trainee.

How to impart an OJT training programme.

Assessment & Evaluation

Compliance with professional skills.

Practical training:

Debriefing exercises.

Public presentation exercises.

Individual assessment exercises.

One-on-one coaching.


Two of the exercises shall be carried out on the VTS simulator at the Jovellanos Centre, which is connected to the Full Bridge ship handling simulator. The rest of the exercises shall be carried out in the classroom using recording and image reproduction equipment.


The course consists of 18 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 6 days.