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Introduction to Sar Maneuvers Using Tugboats
Image Introduction to Sar Maneuvers Using Tugboats

Directed at officers of the merchant marine who serve on board rescue tugboats.


The course has been designed for small groups of 6 trainees and focusses on practical, "hands on" training, based on replicating a number of SAR towing scenarios using azimuthal tugs. 


Familiarisation exercises.

Approaching and pushing.


Approaching small vessels.

Towing exercises.

Final combined exercise.

Practical training: The practical exercises will be carried out in the various bridges with a 360º field of vision. The models used are similar to those existing in the SASEMAR fleet.

The teaching staff consists of captains currently working in the fleet.


The course consists of 18 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.