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Shiphandling With Large Vessels
Image Shiphandling With Large Vessels

This course has been designed for captains, officers of the watch, port pilots, and port operations managers who want to learn current techniques when handling large vessels.

The permanent increase in the size of vessels, and technological innovations in the field of propulsion and manoeuvrability, require professionals to keep abreast of new systems. This course intends help in this task by offering theoretical and practical training on the most common types of modern large vessels, such as VLCCs, large bulkcarriers, large container ships, and LNG carriers.


The course is based on theoretical introductions to the shiphandling manoeuvres to be performed; all real cases affecting large vessels in Spanish ports. Then these manoeuvres shall be carried out in the simulators. A pilot accustomed to some of these manoeuvres shall offer his views.

The last day focusses on the use of azimuthal tugboats for these manoeuvres, including exercises involving indirect direct and indirect towing.


Updated shiphandling concepts.

Familiarisation with the simulator. Shiphandling with large container vessels.

Practical training: The practical training shall take place in a simulator that has three bridges with a 360º horizontal field of view. Two of them can act as tugboats, with real lines, which achieves a remarkable level of realism even in the most complicated manoeuvres, such as the indirect towing.

The exercises are programmed in the same ports that receive these vessels today, such as the enlargement at Barcelona, the new dock at El Musel or Isla Verde in Algeciras.


The course consists of 18 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.