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Vessel Traffic Service Supervisor V-103/2
Image Vessel Traffic Service Supervisor V-103/2

Vessel traffic controllers who hold the IALA V-103/1 certificate.


The course has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to perform the functions assigned to vessel traffic supervisor working at a VTS, INS, TOS or NAS centre.

Maritime legislation: It strictly follows the IALA V-103/2 course model and the Resolution of the General Direction of the Merchant Marine of 6th July 2011.


Advanced traffic management.

VTS equipment.

Personal attributes.

Response to emergency situations.

Administrative functions.

Legal knowledge.

Practical training:

Watch management exercise.

Port emergency exercise.

Emergency on the high seas exercise.

Navigational assistance exercise.


The practical exercises shall be conducted in the VTS simulators at the Jovellanos Centre. During some exercises, we shall connect with the  Full Bridge Shiphandling Simulator so that trainees can see the position of a vessel in a VTS scenario.


The course consists of 24 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 4 days.