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Equipment testing and certification
Equipment testing and certification
Image Equipment testing and certification

We comply with

The Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - . 89/686/EEC, 96/58/EC, (R.D. 1407/1992, R.D.159/1995). The Jovellanos Centre is a Notified Body, No. 0540, and has been approved to carry out EC type-examinations on Personal Protective Equipment for protection against drowning, and/or buoyancy aids. 

The Marine Equipment Directive, (MED). 96/98/EC and subsequent amendments. The Jovellanos Centre conducts tests on life-saving equipment as set out in Resolution MSC.81(70) of the International Maritime Organization.


We ensure your safety at sea

The Jovellanos Centre is a Notified Body (No. 0540) regarding compliance with Community Directive 89/686 EEC, which regulates the conditions for the marketing and free movement of personal protective equipment intended for the prevention of drowning and/or buoyancy aid.