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Operations involving submerged vehicles
Image Operations involving submerged vehicles

Professionals who belong to rescue and firefighting services, Civil Protection, special groups and, in general, any person involved or interested in underwater rescue operations.

Requirement: Trainees must have completed the "Basic underwater search techniques" course or an equivalent course certified by an approved organisation, or they must provide proof of experience in diving by means of a dive log and/or company certificate, which must be considered as sufficient by the Jovellanos Centre.

If a trainee is unable to provide sufficient proof of experience as indicated in the previous paragraph, the trainee shall take a written test on basic diving knowledge, as well as a practical test in the pool at the beginning of the training session.

Prior to being admitted to the course and at least one week in advance, trainees must provide proof that they have passed the medical examination prescribed in article 8, points 1, 2 and 3 of chapter II of R.D. 550/2020 of 2 June, by means of an official medical certificate or underwater activities log that includes the results of said medical examination.


Prepare rescuers to assess, make decisions and control underwater intervention teams; applying technical and tactical work methods to deal with an emergency situation in an effective manner.

Provide the necessary know-how to carry out, in a safe and efficient manner, rescue operations involving people and property, using underwater rescue techniques, with emphasis on the skills required to approach, extract or free people and subsequently recover the vehicles.


Locating an object.

Vehicle safety conditions: stability, currents, visibility...

Refloating possibilities using balloons or cranes.

Need to release victims underwater.

Practical training:

Locating the vehicle.

Stabilising and anchoring: methodology and precautions.

Using refloating equipment (balloons):

Anchoring methods.


Using hoists-winches.

Practical training will take place in the Jovellanos Centre training pool.


The course consists of 14 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 2 days.