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Fire fighting
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Firefighting for first response brigades
Image Firefighting for first response brigades

This course has been designed for personnel belonging to first response teams and emergency brigade support teams in companies, industrial facilities, publics buildings and administrative Centres.


The training is eminently practical. By the end of the course, trainees will be able to handle the various types of portable extinguishers, wall-mounted fire hoses, and use breathing equipment. In short, they will be able to deal successfully with the initial breakout of a fire.


Fire. General concepts.

- Theory of fire.

- Combustion. Triangle and tetrahedron of Fire.

- Classification of fire.


- Extinguishing mechanisms. Extinguishing agents.

- Portable fire extinguishers Wall-mounted fire hoses.

Protective breathing equipment.

- Use and precautions regarding Self Contained Breathing Apparattus (SCBA).



- Approaching the fire and use.

- Extinguishing type A fires, including electrical fires.

- Extinguishing type B fires: spill contained in a tray, cabinet, cross-section tank, inclined plane, three-dimensional spill.

- CO2, dry chemical powder.


- Use of Fire hoses reel Cabinets.

Protective equipment.

- Basic fire-fighting equipment. Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), using the equipment, assessment in interior spaces without visibility.


The course consists of 7 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 1 day.