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Fire fighting
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Backdrafts generation & control
Image Backdrafts generation & control

This course has been designed for personnel from fire brigades and industrial fire-fighting services.

Requirement: Prior knowledge is required on the use of the SCBA equipment and fire hoses.

Trainees must provide proof that they have passed a medical examination that includes electrocardiogram. Trainees shall bring their own fire boots to the course.


Recreation of real situations in which explosive gases can be generated during a fire. Trainees shall acquire the knowledge and skills required to deal with gases when there is an imminent risk of explosion or to rescue victims safely, and they will directly experience the effects of a backdraft:

Observing the development of the fire, symptoms and effects caused by the explosive gases.

Apply fire-fighting techniques to cool down mixtures of explosive gases.

Apply and develop a working method to tackle indoor fires in which the risk of a backdraft arises.


Development of fuel-controlled fires. Scaled-down demonstration.

Differences between flashover and backdraft.

Development of ventilation-controlled fires. Important factors. 

Fire gas explosions.

Preparing and checking equipment.

Exercises involving the recreation of a backdraft in a container.

Analysis and assessment of the exercise.

Final assessment.

Practical training: The exercises shall take place in scenarios that enable the application of the theoretical knowledge acquired regarding backdrafts.


The course consists of 21 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.