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Bridge Resource management - Blended Learning
Image Bridge Resource management - Blended Learning

Captains, Pilots 1st and 2nd class of the M.M. and Civil Navy graduates.


In compliance with the requirements and recommendations of STCW Section B-VIII/2 Part 3-1, to instruct trainees in Bridge Resource Management principles, processes, and procedures to enhance the safety of maritime navigation.

Learn to lead the crew on the bridge using the command (authority) and leadership (influence) style that best adapts to the crew and the situation.

Learn how to assign and delegate tasks to the crew and obtain the cooperation, coordination, and motivation necessary to execute said tasks.

Practice effective techniques to communicate with the crew to reduce mistakes and the interference of communications on the bridge (internal and external).


Situation Awareness.

Attitudes and Management Skills.

Cultural Awareness.

Communication and Briefings.

Authority and Assertiveness.

Challenge and Response.

Short Term Strategy.

Management Styles.


State of the Ship.

Human Involvement in Error.

Judgment and Decision Making.

Leadership in Emergencies.

Crisis Management.

Automation Awareness.


Practical Training: Practical exercises performed on the ship handling and navigation simulator, using the All Academy approach.


The course consists of 40 teaching hours over 5 days; the first 3 are given via the Virtual Campus and the last 2 are in person.