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Azimuthal Tugs
Image Azimuthal Tugs

Captains and officers of the merchant marine with an interest in manoeuvres involving vessels with azimuthal propulsion. No prerequisites are needed, although experience working on tugboats is advisable.


Learn the particularities of azimuth propulsion in a practical scenario and achieve the skills required to embark on this professional career, in this demanding field, with safety. 


Evolution of tugboats.

Types of tugboats.

Physical principles of manoeuvring with tugboats.

Practical training:

Navigation with azimuth thrusters.

Dynamic approach.

Towing operations.

Indirect towing exercises.

Emergency response.


The practical exercises shall take place in “full mission bridge” shiphandling and navigation simulators with a 360º view.


The course consists of 18 certified hours, it´s delivered over a period of 3 days.