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Marine Pollution and HNS/SNPP
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Preventing and combating pollution (Basic operating level)
Image Preventing and combating pollution (Basic operating level)
Course delivery
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This course has been designed for workers and experts with vocational training levels assigned to operations that involve loading, unloading and handling oil in maritime and port environments: harbours, shipyards, oil rigs, ship scrapping operations, facilities that receive oil, and any other maritime facility under Spanish sovereignty, sovereign rights, or jurisdiction, whether operations are performed by fixed, mobile, or floating means.

The course provides trainees with knowledge on spill prevention, containment and collection systems, the appropriate equipment and its maintenance and repair, in order to provide the correct response to marine pollution situations, according to the basic structure established in contingency plans, pursuant to RD 253/2004 of 13 February, and to Order FOM/555/2005 of 2 March.

The Jovellanos Centre has been approved by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs to deliver this maritime speciality course.

Adapted to the contents of Order FOM/555/2005, of 2 March.
  • Common module - 8 hours.
  • Advanced Operating Level - 8 hours.
  • Practical training - 4 hours.
The course will be delivered over a period of three days.
Class hours
The course consists of 20 study hours.
Maximum number of students
16 students.